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Western Harnett

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Carolina Lakes Security Advisory:

Several personal items were stolen from vehicles last night. Please make sure your vehicle doors are locked and that you place any high dollar items out of sight in your vehicle. If you see any suspicious activities in your neighborhood, please call Harnett County Sheriff’s Department and then report it to security.

4 Responses “Western Harnett”

  1. Joe Miller
    December 18, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    Today a 4 year old child and his dog wandered away from his home in Carolina Lakes. The word was put out in the community and the sheriffs dept was called and the hunt was started. Around 4 hours later the child and his dog where found unharmed quite a ways from home. My hat goes off the the men and women of our sheriffs department and the way the Carolina Lakes community came together to help find this child. Sheriff Rollins and the citizens of Harnett County should be proud of the men and women that make up our sheriff department. The true concern and then relief in these officers faces let you know how much they really care about the people of this county. The response of the people inside the community and ones outside the community as well shows that we as a people do have hearts and we dont always just think about ourselves. The people of Carolina Lakes showed up in large numbers, waiting and willing to do whatever was needed to help bring this child back to his mothers arms. Thanks to all that helped and thanks again to the men and women of the Harnett County Sheriffs department, A JOB WELL DONE!!

    • Paul Long
      December 19, 2012 at 11:40 am

      great compliment to our Sheriff’s office and the people of that area of Harnett County. Impressive on your part to make us aware. I seem to see a little light in your service to our county.

    • A Thankful Mom & Dad
      February 20, 2013 at 1:45 pm

      To ALL who came together:
      On the morning of Dec.18, 2012, our lives could have changed forever!! It was around 10 am that our little boy and Doberman Pinscher were noticed as missing and the hunt, painful, long, and emotional began. After looking in the front of our cul-de-sac I realized that they could be down by the dam with all the construction equipment. I called the community club house and someone was on their way to unlock the gate so I could drive down to that area. After telling Walter why I needed it unlocked, he sounded the horn to all who would answer!!! Within minutes Walter was on the phone with dispatch at the sheriffs department, Joe rounded up neighbors, and word got out clear across the community from one end to the other. We must have had at least a hundred people looking, search groups were assembled at the marina and club house and near our house. We had officers here in minutes, EMTs, and I even talked to a few volunteer fire fighters who heard on one of their radios. With my husband fresh out of foot surgery and helplessly on crutches, he maintained great composure and stayed planted at home in case our little boy and dobie came back. But, after much effort on feet, bicycles, golf carts, POV’s and atvs, they were still MIA. Joe and Walter then decided to call in the hounds. It was getting late and we would soon be losing daylight. The hound was here within 30 minutes and within a few sniffs of some artcles from my little boy, he was on a trail. He was off and all were certain that this K9 woudn’t miss his mark! Over the hills and through the woods, off the paths often traveled, through some murky waters, and finally through a small clearing was when his handler KNEW all would be ok. The blood hound managed to take his handler and a few more who followed up through the back way, outside of the perimeter of the community, and BELIEVE THIS…. behind the Food Lion on Highway 87 across from Linden Oaks!!! They were found, walking side by side, with not a care in the world!! The deputy threw him on his back for a piggy back ride and our dobie followed faithfully. Emerging from the woods, this wonderful deputy carried my son back to where me and my husband were escorted to to wait and there they were!!! Even though it was ok at this point to do so, we couldn’t breath!! Overwhelmed and thankful, we asked him where he was trying to go. He told us that his girl (our dobie) ran away and he didnt want her to get hurt so he followed to make sure she made it home ok and that noone hurt her!! My little boy made it this far, in his pajamas, barefoot, in 30 degree weather to make sure hid best friend didn’t get hurt!! The love of a dog and a little boy is inseperable!! But because of our wonderful God, much prayer, love, and a community coming together, the day that could have changed our lives forever became the day that we will be able to tell over and over and over again. It will forever be a day that my little boy got to “rescue his best friend” as he tells it..LOL!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us look for our little boy and dobie!! All we could think of was Christmas, birthdays, and years to come without our precious son and that life couldn’t have continued without them both!! Thank you for giving us back happy memories, beautiful pictures, and the reason why, sometimes, it’s ALWAYS ok to go above and beyond for someone else!! Thank you and God bless you all who helped!!
      A Thankful, Happy, and Blessed Home!!

  2. January 9, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    The Carolina Lakes Property Owners Association is funded by an annual assessment charged to each property owner. The amount charged is regulated by the association owners and can only be increased by a vote of the membership. A while back the Board of Directors (BoD) began charging additional assessments in the form of “fees” associated with management functions already covered by the annual assessment association members pay. This is bypassing the safeguards the creators of Carolina Lakes put in place to ensure the property owner could decide how much money to invest in the community property. A group of concerned property owners decided legal action was required to ensure the Board of Directors adhere to the bylaws of the corporation.

    We are looking for legal help and residents to assist in this effort. Money has been collected for legal action but more is needed. Please help ensure the CLPOA association membership is not taken advantage of and cheated out of their hard earned money.

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