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County Chairman and Manager Park County Vehicles without Board Vote

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County Chairman and Manager Park County Vehicles without Board Vote


15 Public Utility Vehicles Parked without Board Approval:


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The Harnett County Public utility’s were given a order on Friday by Intern County Manager to park 15 county vehicles, meaning that the vehicles will not be drove home by employees and will not be on call if a situation should arise. This order was given after a meeting with intern county manager Jeffries at the discretion of Harnett County Chair Jim Burgin. In any event the motion was to be voted on and was not brought up for a vote in the county meetings.

Other County Commissioners were aware of this situation but did not vote on this action to take place before a motion was brought before the County Commissioners. Some feel that the board may be heading to a one man show. This action needs to be voted on before the actions were taken and as of Friday the order was given to park the vehicles. Parking county vehicles has been a major topic for Mr. Burgin for the last 4 years and has been repeatedly requested by Commissioner Jim Burgin.

One Response “County Chairman and Manager Park County Vehicles without Board Vote”

  1. Paul Long
    December 17, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    Get ready folks it has just begun. Jim Burgin and Gary House do not understand laws and do not follow laws or rules or good ethics or even good common sense and respect for others when they come up with crazy ideas like this. What needs to happen is the water line going to their house needs to break and flood their homes and then the Public Utility people need to sit at home. Knowing them the next thing they will do is start firing workers and we will not have enough to operate any county agency. To them this is budget cutting. Maybe they will draw their water with a bucket and tickle from a well. Hey that fits with the Gold Standard that Burgin dreams about with a way to deal with our currency in this country. He might join the guy from Warren County who wanted to have North Carolina initate a seperate currency system for our state and print new currency. These people including Burgin need to go some where else to live. Harnett County did really well under Neil Emory and Dan Andrews but we are going backwards day by day. Guess they will now hire a new manager oh, wonder who, so he can undermine everybody left over there.

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