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Reach for God

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Reach for God


Words from Editor

Daniel Glover                                                      


With the horrible and tragic event that took place in the US today with innocent children

It makes many people question their faith and ask the question why? Although we can’t answer this we must stand firm on our faith that God is in control. We wonder why God would allow this to happen and yet we still don’t have the answer. In my many years of formal theology education I still ask myself the same questions, why? The devil uses evil at every level to pull people away from salvation and into darkness, by losing loved ones, self doubt, and by children being killed in such a senseless manner. This is a time where Christians must pull together and pray harder then before. Our country needs to reach for God and not allow evil to overcome us or our country. We in the faith community know that these children are in our fathers presence right now as we read this article and that there is no more pain nor strife… They live on in our hearts and mind and in the ole mighty presence of Jesus. Just a thought from one parent to another…

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