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Harnett County Commissioner Meeting Drama

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Harnett County Commissioner Meeting Drama 

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More drama in the County Commissioners meeting tonight, although there is a new board the drama remains the same. Two actions were the highlight of the night and brought tense moments to the board room. The Harnett County Black Caucus showed up in numbers tonight and called out Chairman Burgin on his comments that he made in The Daily Record about redistricting the County Commissioner districts. Ms. Barbara McCoy stated that she would not allow this to take place and Chairman Burgin responded that he would retract his statement because he did not want a lawsuit. The Black Caucus was able to back down Mr.Bugin statements and held firm to their stance of not allowing this to happen.

In other news the lawsuit against Commissioner Gary House and former employee Randy Rogers was discussed at the new business section of the meeting. After the closed session Chairman Burgin moved to a motion of dismissing charges against Gary House without prejudice. County Attorney Snow reminded members that if they are involved they must remove their vote from the actions. Commissioner Gary House at first refused to do so and Commissioner Springle withdrew the motion and Mr. House agreed to withdraw his vote and the remaining commissioners voted on the issue which was a tie and the lawsuit is still active and moving forward.  Ms. Hill and Mr. Miller voted not to dismiss case with springle and Burgin voting to dismiss suit.

One Response “Harnett County Commissioner Meeting Drama”

  1. Travis Upchurch
    January 1, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    We finally have a republican majority on this county board, please take this opportunity to lower spending and cut some taxes, do not disappoint the people, show them the right way to get things done the right way. The county Government needs to adjust spending to what they are taking in, not just raise taxes every time we turn around. Most here in Harnett county does not want to live in Wake county so please do not try to make this county like Wake county.
    Travis Upchurch

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