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Child Found Safe After Massive Search in Carolina Lakes

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Child Found Safe After Massive Search in Carolina Lakes

Contributed by Joe Miller, Harnett County Commissioner                            



Today a 4 year old child and his dog wandered away from his home in Carolina Lakes. The word was put out in the community and the sheriffs dept. was called and the hunt was started. Around 4 hours later the child and his dog where found unharmed quite a ways from home. My hat goes off the men and women of our sheriff’s department and the way the Carolina Lakes community came together to help find this child. Sheriff Rollins and the citizens of Harnett County should be proud of the men and women that make up our sheriff department. The true concern and then relief in these officers’ faces let you know how much they really care about the people of this county. The response of the people inside the community and ones outside the community as well shows that we as a people do have hearts and we don’t always just think about ourselves. The people of Carolina Lakes showed up in large numbers, waiting and willing to do whatever was needed to help bring this child back to his mother’s arms. Thanks to all that helped and thanks again to the men and women of the Harnett County Sheriff’s department, A JOB WELL DONE!!

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