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News of Petition to Drop County Lawsuit

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News of Petition to Drop County Lawsuit


The Drama Continues


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In one last attempt of desperation there is rumors circulating that individuals are trying to form a petition to drop the civil lawsuit against Commissioner Gary House.

Gary House

In the last Harnett County Commissioner meeting the action was brought up to drop the case that is going to be heard in court in early January of 2013 the motion failed 2-2 and was wiped from the table. During that meeting Commissioner House wanted to vote on his on lawsuit and caused some tense moments during the meeting. After several minutes of County Attorney Snow explaining that it was a conflict of interest and Commissioner Springle withdrawing his motion Commissioner House withdrew himself from voting on the measure.

Now there are rumors that a petition has been started my members of the public to drop the lawsuit against Mr. House the issue is that the Commissioners have voted and the motion failed and the court case goes forward. Many feel that this is one last attempt out of desperation to stop the lawsuit that has been deemed warranted by private counsel for the County.


A petition can be started by any member of the general public but does not serve as a legal instrument in deciding factors when a board has met and a quorum was present to vote on the motion. In most cases the petition has to be signed by a percentage of the general population within the county or area of the said petition. The population in Harnett County according to the census that was released in 2011 is 119,256 people. If the petition was to collect only 1% of the general population they would have to get almost 12,000 people to sign which according to sources is highly unlikely to achieve by Jan 7th the first set date of this case.


With these attempts that are being many people in Harnett County that do not want their names released are asking what is it that they are hiding that they are going to these limits to drop the case. The County board members were advised by private counsel that the case needs to move forward to reduce the chances of retaliation of parties involved, just another day in Harnett County with the board of Commissioners.

One Response “News of Petition to Drop County Lawsuit”

  1. Paul Long
    December 26, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    Ignorance abounds to start with a majority vote for a policy proposal or a petition to drop a lawsuit is not proper, as the advocates for said policy or one to drop the lawsuit is one sided and actually the majority does not speak. House and Burgin are continuing what they said they were going to put a stop to, turmoil. Also they are continuing down a path of self destruction they are guilty as sin and should be punished. Devil is warming up things for them now, but they want hell on earth it seems. Bad way to govern but then that seems that is the only way the Right Wing knows is bad governance.

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