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Thoughts of One Man

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Looking back at 2012

Thoughts of One Man

Daniel Glover

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Daniel Glover


Well this year is slowly approaching the last Curtain call and 2013 is on the horizon, looking back over the last year has been a moment in time that will never be repeated in our life. Many wonderful things have taken place in the last year but with the good there has been grief, hope, and memories that will be etched in our minds for a life time.

We never can change the past because we are in the present and the future is our only destiny, many of us will make New Year’s resolution to lose weight, get a better job, and stop a bad habit and so forth. We will renew our convictions and try to forget our blunders in the past. We will seek a renewal of life and the opportunities that are ahead of us.

While writing this I feel inspired to share with you my thoughts on our future due to the tragedy’s that we have endured in the last few months with the oh so common name Sandy, these both have been blows to us here locally and the pain has been felt around the world. The storm destroyed homes and lives and the healing process and recovery continues. Our prayers and thoughts have been with these people who have faced this head on.

When we set down and think of the name Sandy it brings the angelica faces of small carefree children of God who had their dreams and hopes taken away from them by sheer evil in the purest form. Like many, this act of evil has not been easy shaken from my mind or many others and we desire to do something to stop this from happening again. In Washington, politicians will tout efforts to implement gun control and other control measures that will reduce this from ever happening again. Many will stand on this as a platform to change laws and pass new ones. In the scheme of things not one new or changed law will bring those people back and will not bring peace to their loved ones.

We live in a world that has been shaped by Good versus Evil from the beginning of time, and all of the laws and actions of man have not been able to change one outcome to date. This is not a Gun problem or crime problem this is a spiritual war that has been roaring since the begging of  time and will continue until we meet him in the sky “You Know Who I am Talking About” we will face this adversity until his will is done and the saints are called home. “Now I may sound preachy but that’s ok because that is my faith, hope and purpose on this earth.

I challenge my readers this year to reach out to our Lord this year and let this be the year that we see the reap of the harvest, the Lord will not keep allowing these evil things to happen in our mere world. My New Year resolution is to draw nearer to the things that matter in life; it’s not my weight, nor money or anything that I can do on my own. It’s to reach out in blind faith to the hand of our Lord and put every care and worry I have in his hand. I feel that we as a country have strayed further now from him then any time before. Look at the TV for more than 5 minutes and you may catch a glimpse as to what I mean.

This year I ran for two political offices and was unsuccessful in both attempts, at first I was not the happiest camper in the world but then I realized something, in the great scheme of things none of that really matters compared to what is going on around us. Man and Women have control of nothing we are just dust traveling through time on a journey to an everlasting place of glory. I am going to take this year to examine my life and figure out what the true things are in life that mean the most. It does not matter if you gain the world but lose yourself along the way. Many of us have lost ourselves along the way and need to search to find ourselves once again. This is your year to take that change that will impact your life in the future and beyond. Discover yourself this year and work on being the best you can be.” Life is like a box of Chocolates you never know what you’re going to get, until next year, be in peace.”

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