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Rumors Loom of Petition to Oust House Out of Office

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Rumors Loom of Petition to Oust House Out of Office



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Rumors are looming that members of the public have organized a Petition to request the removal of Commissioner Gary House from the Board of Commissioner. In the last year Commissioner House has been the centerpiece of two lawsuits; one names him as the defendant in a case that was brought on by the County. The civil lawsuit is sought due to an investigation of public utilities and the information that was obtained by said defendant. The action seeks relief for delayed projects. The petition that is floating around is requesting that Commissioner House resign or the board vote to relive him of his official duties due to unbecoming behavior of an elected official. The group is seeking his removal and appointment of an alternative due to the conflict of interest surrounding the case. At the last meeting Commissioner House hesitated to remove himself from the voting process of dropping the case. After several minutes of discussion and recommendations from County attorney that it would be a direct conflict of interest and the motion from Commissioner Springle to remove his motion to drop legal proceedings.

Gary House

New Petition:

The new petition comes after a similar petition was proposed by Bryan Avery to drop the pending lawsuit; the new petition is expecting to have over 5,000 signatures that will be presented to the County Board of Commissioner in one of the regularly scheduled meetings. The group is remaining anonymous until all signatures are met. The spokesperson for the group said that they already have around 2,300 signatures and have many individuals working on their goal of 5,000. “We need people of high moral character to represent us and Mr. House has not done this in the last year and we feel that it creates a stigma for the county” we are happy that the board has changed leadership but with Mr. House still being able to make votes for the general public we feel that it’s in the best interest that he is removed.”

Legal Authority:

Although the petition will express concern over Commissioner House, it holds no legal obligation that the board must remove Mr. House or act upon the petition. It is merely a gesture that the general public is expressing a concern.


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