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Stone Files For Reelection

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Stone Files For Reelection

Vows To Continue Fiscal Progress



   (Sanford) – Rep. Mike Stone (R-Lee/Harnett) filed for his third term in the NC House of Representatives today at the Lee County Board of Elections to represent citizens in all of Lee and parts of Harnett counties.
“I am deeply honored at the opportunity to represent this community in the General Assembly, and I am proud of the work we have done.  We’ve made tremendous progress getting our economy back on track by cutting taxes and reducing job killing regulations, but we’ve got more work yet to do,” said Stone.
Stone has previously served on the Sanford City Council and is currently the chairman of the Government Committee as well as the vice-chair of the NC House Commerce Committee.
“By cutting taxes on all North Carolina families, balancing our budget and lowering our debt, we have made a difference.  North Carolina’s unemployment rate is now under 7%, the fastest drop in the nation” said Stone

In addition to taxes, Stone stressed the work being done to strengthen “Stand Your Ground” laws and reducing burdensome regulations.  He also pointed out that natural gas drilling will be critical moving forward.  “We can protect our water and air and still create jobs in the private sector via natural gas exploration,” said Stone.
“It has been an honor to serve and I will continue to work hard for the interests of our citizens here in central North Carolina,” he said.

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