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2nd Closing of local Newspaper in one week..

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2nd Closing of local Newspaper in one week..


The Harnett County News announced today that it would be merging with the Daily Record. This is the 2nd publication owned by the Daily Record that has announced that it would be closing and merging with the main Daily Record newspaper. The Harnett Dispatch spoke with several people today about this merger and asked how they were feeling about the merger. One gentleman from the Lillington area said that it would not affect him because most of the news you can get online before it ever hit the paper version”…Another lady in Angier said that she was not happy with the move to close the paper and stated that she was upset with the idea of getting the Daily Record instead of the Angier Independent. “I understand they are offering to give me the Daily Record in place of the Angier Independent but I wished that they would have given notice or offered to give refund.


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