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Sen. Rabin under Attack, characterized as the fracking crew…

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Sen. Rabin under Attack, characterized  as the fracking crew…

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Over the weekend people throughout the county went to their mailboxes and found a large post card with bold letters asking if they want this in their backyard. The post card is an anti-fracking mailer that was sent out to residents all over the 12 NC senate district from a group named “The North Carolina Environmental Partnership” the postcard says that fracking can caused cancer and that reckless fracking puts families at risk. This post card comes on the heels of and TV commercial that has been pinging Sen. Ron Rabin as being a member of the fracking crew that voted to ease restraints on fracking operations here in North Carolina. With the recent dumping of toxins in the Cape Fear by Duke Energy many wonder if they can’t regulate coal ash then how are they going to regulate fracking? In a statement that the Harnett Dispatch received from Rabin’s office the senator said that it was too early to make a judgment on the Duke situation but if the facts came to light and Duke was guilty that they should be held accountable for their actions. Please see postcard and video below.

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