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Harnett County Democrats Hold Candidate Forum

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Harnett County Democrats Hold Candidate Forum




On Tuesday night, local democratic candidates participated in a candaite forum hosted by the Harnett County Democratic party. The forum was moderated by Mayor Chris Rey of Spring Lake NC. Candidates for federal and county races were on hand to answer the tough questions that are facing the nation, state and county. The candidates were asked the questions and were allowed to give their answer to the large audience at the Harnett County Courthouse.


Question 1   With the overcrowding situation that is facing Harnett what would you do to rectify the problem.


Lewis Bell District 1 Commissioner “Invest in teachers, seek out buildings that may need renovations to accommodate students.

Susan Byerly House 53 “The overcrowding situation has caused a safety issue with kids being in huts, we must invest in teachers and education and find ways that can bring money into the county.


Thomas Ellis House 53 “Teachers should be highest paid people in the State

Donna Rigby District 2 Commissioner “Find a way to control population, seek help due to brac.

Toni Morris US Congress 2nd “Look into the feds to see if they can get more money into the county

Keith Crisco US Congress 2nd “I have been on board of education and we need someone who has that experience.

Joe Langley NC Senate 12th “We don’t need lip service from elected officials and need solutions

James Clark NC Senate 12th “No Tax on Vets or seniors



Question 2 what can be done about population growth?

Carnell Robinson District 1 Commissioner “We need to put a plan together

Barbara McKoy District 1 Commissioner “ should have a study about growth situation but want to clear up any rumors that are going on about the closing of Harnett Health are just that and there is no plan to do anything like that.


Steve Blackburn District 2 commissioner “Better management of the county operations.


Rumors have been swirling that special interest has approached some of the county commissioner candidates and have tried to give support. Carnell Robinson and Barbara McKoy addressed these allegations on Tuesday night. Mr. Robinson said that he is a candidate that can’t be bought since there are two seats that have been named to be bought seats from special interest. Ms. McKoy said that she is in no way associated with the special interest that is trying to sweep the county board.



The entire forum will be hosted on YouTube in the following week…



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