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Chairman Miller Calls Out State Rep David Lewis

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Chairman Miller Calls Out State Rep David Lewis



Rep David Lewis

Rep David Lewis

In a recent story featured in the Harnett Dispatch about a ribbon cutting at the new park in the western part of the county, that Rep Lewis and Chairman Miller attended, Chairman Miller commented in the public forum of the story. The Harnett Dispatch obtained the emails that Mr. Miller is referring to with regards to the resolution that Rep. Lewis sent to the County and has confirmed that that the statements are true and available to the public. The below statements were copied from the comments section of the Harnett Dispatch that were posted by Harnett County Chairman Joe Miller


joerealJoe Miller” It was a beautiful day for the opening of the new Anderson Creek Park. This will be a gem for the citizens of Harnett County, a place where families can get away for some peace and quite, A place where you can see and interact with nature. Mr. Carl Davis, the Forestry Service, Harnett Forward Together and a host of volunteers have done a great job and deserve a huge pat on the back for their efforts. I would like to invite everyone to come out, enjoy the park and watch how its grows and gets bigger and better.

This park is being paid for by rec fees. For those that do not understand what rec fees are I’ll try to explain. Rec fees are fees charged to a developer (500.00 per house) to buy land to build parks, ball fields and other recreational facilities for the citizens of the county, all citizens of the county. The areas where the fees are collected are where the fees stay, so the fees collected in the western part of the county stay here, fees collected in the northern part stay in the northern part and so on.

The Dispatch is correct in its reporting of David Lewis trying to change the rec fee rules. He (not the commissioners) went as far as to even write a resolution changing them so that they were waived completely or cut in half.

This made absolutely no sense, the board tabled the motion and it went away. Makes you wonder who Mr. Lewis is representing, the citizens of Harnett County or a certain special interest.”


3 Responses “Chairman Miller Calls Out State Rep David Lewis”

  1. Susan
    April 27, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    Thank you, Joe Miller! I was at the Commissioners meeting where this resolution was discussed. At least one of the Commissioners thought it was a slamdunk and seemed quite taken aback at the outcry.

    Now, Mr. Miller, can you help us understand how it is that the new charter school in Anderson Creek, which will receive approximately one million dollars in education funds, managed to have its lottery rigged so that almost nobody outside of Anderson Creek was included? And how it is that the state Board of Education is under the impression that this charter school proposal had the support of the County Commissioners?


  2. joe miller
    April 30, 2014 at 9:36 pm

    Thank you Mrs. Susan, that motion was not made in the best interest of all citizens of Harnett County. Seems to be a lot of those going around lately, a lot of campaigning going on.

    I’m not sure what’s going on at the new Anderson Creek charter school. It is a publicly funded school but it does not have to follow public school rules and until recently I did not even know that the lottery had taken place. I have had several calls from mothers that are not happy with the way things were handled but I understand that it published it in the Dunn Daily Record. Now as I understand it, the lottery had to be published in the counties largest paper, which is the counties only paper,(The Dunn Daily Record) which, just so happens that the DDR is not distributed in the western part of the county. (go figure, right!!) Now whether it was in the Fayetteville Observer or not I can not say but I do know that there are a lot of very upset people in this area because they had no idea that it was being done. I also have been told that “ONLY” 200 people signed up for the 180 seats, which is very surprising to me with all the overcrowding we have out here.

    Now to your question about the State Board of Education and the charter school. In a consensus vote done by phone and email, the board voted 4 to 1 not to endorse the charter school mainly because we knew very little about a charter school and its impact on our public schools. This was another last minute, hurry up and vote (just like the rec fee vote) because it has to be done now. The only “for” vote was cast by Jim Burgin, the same commissioner that brought it up. Is there a pattern emerging here? Mr. Burgin took it upon himself to write a personal letter of recommendation to the state BOE, which he is allowed to his opinion, but he wrote this letter of recommendation on county letterhead. This is something I do not agree with and if you look at the appendix on the application it does look like a recommendation from the Harnett County Board of Commissioners

    • Susan
      May 31, 2014 at 4:30 pm

      Thank you, Mr. Miller. I apologize for the delay in acknowledging your reply. I have not lived here that long, and the reality that this county is ruled completely by special interests is just setting in. I am so sad to see that so few people seem to be aware of, much less interested in, what is being done in the names — but to the almost complete detriment — of Harnett County citizens.

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