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2nd District Republican Convention

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This weekend the 2nd District Republican Convention was held and a straw poll was held and here are the results..














2nd District Convention:

Second GOP District Straw Poll Results


O Dr. Ben Carson 17.70%

O Gov. Scott Walker 16.81%

O Sen. Ted Cruz 15.04%

O Sen. Rand Paul 11.50%

O Fmr. Gov. Mike Huckabee 10.62%

O Gov. Chris Christie 5.31%

O Sen. Marco Rubio 5.31%

O Fmr. Gov. Sarah Palin 4.42%

O Rep. Paul Ryan 4.42%

O Fmr. Gov. Jeb Bush 3.54%

O Gov. Bobby Jindal 2.65%

O Gov. John Kasich 0.88%

O Sen. Tim Scott 0.88%

O Donald Trump 0.88%

O Sen. Kelly Ayotte 0.00%

O Gov. Nikki Haley 0.00%

O Sen. Mike Lee 0.00%

O Sen. Mike Pence 0.00%


US Senate

O Sen. Thom Tillis 48%

O Dr. Greg Brannon 37%

O Rev. Mark Harris 12%

O Heather Grant 2%

O Fmr. Mayor Ted Alexander 2%

O Alex Lee Bradshaw 0%

O Edward Kryn 0%

O James Snyder, Jr. 0%


US House of Representatives

O Frank Roche 63%

O Renee Ellmers 38%


Supreme Court Associate Justice

O Eric Levinson 58%

O Jeanette Doran 42%


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