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Election Results For Harnett County

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In a much debated race for District 1 County Commissioner, Barbara Mckoy was elected as the new Harnett County Commissioner etching by Carnell Robinson and Lewis Bell. Ms. McKoy won with 671 votes to Robinsons 440 and Lewis’s 244. Ms. Mckoy faces no opposition in November.

Ms. Mckoy said that she won because she is for the people and the lies that were told on her did not prevail..


Abe Elmore won the Republican primary against incumbent Gary House District 2 with 661 votes to 418.

Steve Blackburn was able to secure the Democratic primary against Donna Rigby to face Abe Elmore in the 2nd District county commissioner’s race with 349 votes to 253


Howard Penny Jr was able to defeat incumbent Chuck Levorse district 3 school board with 465 votes to 421. Howard Penny Jr will face Doug Turner in the general election.


Chad Smith was able to defeat incumbent Kevin Gregory in the Republican primary for school board district 5 with 261 votes to 232.


Joe Langley 12th NC Senate secured the Democratic primary by defeating James Clark with 4,323 votes to 2,245; Langley will face Ron Rabin in the General.


Susan Byerly easily secured the Democratic primary NC House 53 against Thomas Ellis with 2,372 votes to 543, Byerly will face David Lewis in the general.


Renee Ellmers won the Republican Primary against Frank Roche with 20,510 votes to 14,226.


The Democratic primary for congress with Aiken, Crisco, and Morris was too close to call and time of release..




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