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State Legislator Trying to Control Harnett County “TAKE Action Now”

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State Legislator Trying to Control Harnett County “TAKE Action Now”


The Dispatch just discovered that a local bill was just introduced in the NC House that would take away the power of the Current County Commissioners and School Board that we elected. Rep Lewis is our house member and this bill was never disclosed nor brought to the attention of the taxpayers of Harnett County, instead it was put in place without the general public knowing… They are trying to take the hiring and firing power of county Manager and School Superintendent out of the hand of the people we elected..


You can help stop this bill by contacting your State Senator Now, call and say no to Bill 1108 it takes the power out of our elected officials for the benefit of those who don’t control the board now.




Senator Ron Rabin                                         (919) 733-5748


David Lewis                                                                                            919-715-3015


H1108v2 (1)11


H1108v2 (1)12


H1108v2 (1)13

One Response “State Legislator Trying to Control Harnett County “TAKE Action Now””

  1. Susan
    May 31, 2014 at 11:20 pm

    OK, I’m sorry, but I’ve read this umpty-ump times and I have NO idea what it says. So now, the Commissioners must play musical districts but if anyone leaves, they all fall down? What the what? Can you give me a cogent summary of this gobbledygook?

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