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Secretary of State’s Office Starts Online Filing Service for Charitable Solicitation Licensing Customers

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Secretary of State’s Office Starts Online Filing Service for Charitable Solicitation Licensing Customers


Raleigh – Giving to charity is a timeless act of kindness and generosity. But for those who run charities and non-profits, getting their paperwork done on time is often a critical need.


“We realize that when a major crisis or emergency hits,” Secretary of State Elaine F. Marshall said Wednesday, “no one wants to delay a charity’s response time because a filing has not been completed.”


That is why the Secretary of State’s Office announced this week it had completed the computer programming needed to allow customers of its Charitable Solicitation Licensing Division (CSL) to now complete many required filings and to pay fees online at its website, www.sosnc.com.


“These new choices should help charities and non-profits to speed up completion of the filing process,” Secretary Marshall said. “Also, we will still honor all paper-based filings for those who choose not to use the online process at this time.”


Many charities and non-profits that operate in North Carolina are regulated in part by the Secretary of State’s Office, depending on how they solicit for funds from the public and how they are categorized in other ways.


These organizations can now use the online service as soon as they have established a user account with the Secretary of State’s Office, which can be done online.


At this time, CSL customers can amend a filing online once they have submitted their initial filing via regular postal mail.  When a filing is deemed incomplete or delinquent customers will receive a letter from CSL that now includes a Document Identification Number.


Customers can use the Document Identification Number to log in to the online portal and upload documents to amend their filing.  If additional fees are required to complete a filing, customers can now log on and pay those fees online.


Later this year, the Department will expand the function to enable CSL customers to file initial and renewal licensure applications, contracts, and other required solicitation campaign filings all online.


For additional information or if you have questions about these new capabilities, please contact CSL staff at 919-807-2214 or 888-830-4989 (toll free for NC residents only) or at csl@sosnc.com.



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