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Not Good Start For Transparency In County

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Not Good Start For Transparency In County

Unauthorized Bill Trying to get Pushed Through


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Daniel Glover


Well in the latest news to come out of the Board of Commissioners is the lack of transparency taking place with the new board. In this matter a job was authorized by Commissioner Jim Burgin and Gary House but neither by the proper chain of command nor operating procedures. At the discretion of Commissioner Gary house and Burgin, a Contractor working in Erwin was ordered to remove a section of water pipe to be sent off for testing. The contractor was told by Commissioner Burgin and House that the bill would be paid.

Where did the bill come from?

The bill was sent to the proper department by the contractor and upon receiving the bill the department called the contractor to see what the bill was for. After evaluating the bill and the info provided it was determined that neither a work order nor was a purchase order authorized to do said work. Now there is a bill that is owed and no one knows where it came from because it was not authorized. The next attempt is to slide the bill into the consent agenda so the bill will get paid. Transparency is still an issue and the supporters of the measure seem to be riding the fence on this. After Speaking with County Manager Jeffries he indicated that he contacted Jim Burgin and he directed him to out on regular agenda and the board will have to take a vote.

Why Test Pipe?

Another question at the peak of this drama is why the section was cut out and sent for testing, contacts to Commissioner Burgin and House were not returned at the time of publishing.

3 Responses “Not Good Start For Transparency In County”

  1. Paul Long
    January 31, 2013 at 5:27 pm

    I believe this because it is Burgin County and not Harnett County. Jim Burgin will keep on until he owns Harnett County. People have to stand up and stop this man now. I hope he does not get control of the check book or we will have a bankruptcy on our hands and no money and wonder where it went. He and House should have to pay for the pipe cutting job from there personal money. The County should not pay for this, not one cent.

    • Lori
      January 31, 2013 at 5:56 pm

      The saddest part is that a small business owner did the job, as he was directed, promised pay and now has to wait to get his money. I am sure that he had expenses that he had to immediately pay. This is a sad way to take advantage of Harnett County small businesses.

  2. Paul Long
    January 31, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    Could this be the Agenda Item that will be submitted to the Board for the pipe cutting yet it is characterized as something different. I took this from Item #8 on the Agenda for Monday February 4 2013: 8. Administration requests approval to pay an invoice to Ed Aguirre & Associates, Inc. for water analysis for the Town of Erwin water lines.

    This is for water analysis yet according to the piece above it was really for cutting a pipe to be tested. Somebody needs to ask a question to confirm what the county is planning to pay and make sure this is not a false claim.

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