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Pray for Peace Rally Held Tonight

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Prayer for Peace Rally Held Tonight


A large crowd gathered tonight at Spring Hill UMC to discuss the recent violence that has taken place in the Western part of Harnett County. The event was hosted by Rev. Terry Williams pastor of Spring Hill UMC. Several elected officials and candidates were on hand expressing their concerns. Sheriff Larry Rollins said “that it’s the job of the sheriff’s office to keep these violent offenders off of the street. Vernon Stewart Harnett County District Attorney said that his office will work hard to make sure that these offenders are prosecuted and justice is served.

Joe Langley candaite for NC State Senate stood up and quoted the mission statement for the YMCA and the Boys & Girls Club. Mr. Langley said “we need to help prevent these crimes by addressing the youth of Harnett by implementing programs in the county that deter juvenile crime. Here Harnett we don’t have any programs that help deter crime through positive reinforcement. All of the surrounding counties have clubs but here in Harnett we have nothing.

Brad Salmon who is seeking the NC House seat that is currently held by Rep. Mike Stone said that we must use education to help these troubled teens. Rev. Felton Smith made a heartfelt plea that everyone must work together to put a stop to the current crime situation.



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