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Rabin on the Attack and Telling Untruthful Facts

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Rabin on the Attack and Telling Untruthful Facts

The political season is underway and many of you may have noticed a bundle of mailers arriving in your mailboxes over the last month. It’s that time of the year when politicians start flooding the local postal customers with their mailers to gain name recognition before the November elections. It’s estimated that some of these individuals will spend close to a quarter of a million dollars in order to attack their opponents.

Rabin is using same political strategy

Many of you may remember this same strategy was used against former NC house member, Don Davis of Erwin in the 2012 elections. Rabin’s campaign was relentless and attacked Mr. Davis and made false accusations against Mr. Davis that carried no evidence of facts. The Rabin Campaign ended up spending close to $ 70.000 on attack ads against Mr. Davis. At that time Mr. Davis who is considered a statesman by many local Harnett county natives choose not to retaliate and said that he would run on his on merit and would not stoop down to the level that Rabin’s campaign was playing. Mr. Davis said “if all you can do is attack someone running against you, then you must not have any merit of you own to run on.

The strategy that Sen. Rabin is using is one that many Republican political consultants have been using since the 2010 elections. They start out by sending positive mailers about the candidate they are trying to get elected and then they start mailing nasty attack mailers followed by a few more positive ones.

Fact Check

We here at the Harnett Dispatch wanted to check the truthfulness of the attack mailer that was just deployed by Rabin’s campaign. The mailer states that Mr. Joe Langley would oppose an $ 800.00 pay raise for every working taxpayer and that he says that he wants to help the middle class families. The source that the information came from was documented on the mailer as coming from Mr. Langley’s website. We checked out the source and other countless resources and in fact found that there is no indication nor quote or source that backs up this claim. The mailer was correct on one thing and that was “Joe Langley says he wants to help middle class families”. This statement was the only truthful fact that we were able to confirm from the documented sources and other sources we searched.

Why the Picture Altercation?

We noticed that the picture that was posted on the mailer seemed to be digitally altered; the picture that was used is posted on Mr. Langley’s website in full color. The picture that was used for the mailer had been altered to make Mr. Langley appear older then he actually is. The picture seemed to add more wrinkles and what seemed like to us warts or some type of skin blemishes. Many are asking, what is the tactic behind altering Mr. Langley’s picture.


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