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Representative David Lewis Not on Short List for NC Legislative Leadership

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Representative Lewis Not on Short List for NC Legislative Leadership


lewisAccording to an article published in the Daily Haymaker a Conservative news publication Rep. David Lewis has not made the list for any leadership roles in the new session.

From the (The Daily Haymaker)

The Republican majority will huddle next weekend to pick leaders for the chamber AND for their caucus.  Since they are a majority in the General Assembly’s lower chamber, the Republican picks will be quite the big dogs in the upcoming sessions. The candidates to replace Thom Tillis on the speaker’s dais have been bandied about cyberspace and the drive-by media.  Thanks to some really-inside sources, we have a comprehensive roster of the candidates being considered by the GOP caucus next weekend.


Speaker of the House


Blust, John


Burr, Justin


Daughtry, Leo


Holloway, Bryan


Moore, Tim


Setzer, Mitch


Speaker Pro – Tem


Howard, Julia

Stam, Paul “Skip”

Stevens, Sarah

House Majority Leader


Boles, Jamie


Dixon, James “Jimmy”


Hager, Mike


Jones, Bert


Deputy Majority Leader


Brown, Brian


Majority Whip


McElraft, Pat


Republican Conference Leader


Jeter, Charles

Joint Caucus Leader


Hurley, Pat


Warren, Harry


One Response “Representative David Lewis Not on Short List for NC Legislative Leadership”

  1. Ana Blackburn
    November 19, 2014 at 8:57 am

    When you set out to call yourself a leader and only represent a selected few instead of your whole constituents and make decisions based on self interest, instead of what is best for the county, people finally start to take notice.

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