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Jim Duncan Makes Key Address, Gains Momentum

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Jim Duncan Makes Key Address, Gains Momentum

Jim Duncan District Convention 2015

SANFORD, North Carolina

On Saturday, April 25, 2015 Jim Duncan addressed North Carolina’s Second District Convention for the first time as a candidate. Mr. Duncan promised to “bring our district’s values to Washington and not bring Washington’s values to the district.” The audience frequently interrupted his message with standing applause and cheers.

His address and the movement’s growing momentum come just three weeks into the campaign, which began via social media on Monday, April 6th. “We are building a community,” said Duncan “we are running a very different kind of campaign; one that will demonstrate the voice and power of the voters in the district.”

A few local media outlets have reported on the event, but perhaps most telling was the headline on the North Carolina blog page of the Daily Haymaker, NC-02: Jim Duncan steals the show at district’s GOP convention.


For more information, please visit: www.jimfornc.com

Twitter: @JimDuncanNC



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