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Coats Elementary School Parents Concerned After Alarming Phone Call

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Coats Elementary School Parents Concerned After Alarming Phone Call


On Wednesday, parents of Coats elementary school received an automatic call from school officials informing them that the incident that occurred on the playground was under investigation and they wanted reassure everyone that the kids were safe.


Many parents reached out to us here at the Harnett Dispatch upset by the call saying that it did not give details as to what happen and just said that it was under investigation, one parent who asked to stay unnamed said ” why in the world would you call a parent and inform them that there was an investigation but give them no details as to what happen , I am not going to send my student until I know for a fact as to what happen”.


The Harnett Dispatch reached out to the Harnett County Schools and was informed by the Public information office that in fact a incident happen on the playground that involved some students who saw a male subject beyond the fenced in area and they saw was believed to be a Gun. The students reported it to the teacher and swift action was taken by contacting law enforcement and the investigation was still underway as of Thursday morning

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