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Representative Lewis Voting With Democrats

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Representative Lewis Voting With Democrats

davidlewisAccording to an article published in the Raleigh News and Observer Rep. Lewis was one of the Republicans that voted against a bill that would exempt magistrates from marriage duties due to their religious beliefs.
“From N&O”
The N.C. House voted 65-45 Wednesday to allow magistrates to opt out of performing weddings – legislation that stems from the legalization of same-sex marriages in North Carolina last year.
A final vote on the bill is expected Thursday. Because the House made no changes to the legislation already approved by the Senate, it will go directly to Gov. Pat McCrory.
In March, McCrory voiced concerns about the bill and said he won’t sign it. He stopped short, however, of saying he would veto it. The governor can allow bills to become law without his signature.
Senate Bill 2 would allow magistrates and register of deeds employees to be exempt from performing weddings if they have a religious objection. Opponents of the measure say it would allow discrimination against same-sex couples, though workers seeking the exemption couldn’t perform any type of wedding for at least a six-month period.
The bill is sponsored by Senate leader Phil Berger. On Wednesday, nearly all Democrats voted against it, and they were joined by five Republicans: Rules Chairman David Lewis and Reps. John Ray Bradford, John Fraley, Charles Jeter and Jon Hardister. Many conservative blogs and news sources are questioning Lewis’s alliance to the pro-marriage defined as between a woman and a man conservative views held by the Republican Party, this comes on the heels of Lewis agreeing to vote with Democrat Rep, Glazier of Cumberland County in an earlier session in the North Carolina House.


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