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The “ing’s”, “er’s” and “ions” are killing the USA but folks Help is on the Way!

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The “ing’s”, “er’s” and “ions” are killing the USA but folks Help is on the Way!


Paul Long


There are numerous man made issues that are holding back this country and our economy.  We have to stand up and call the Congress out and then vote them out in 2014 or we are going to continue to suffer for many years to come.  They are too numerous to name them all but I wanted to make folks aware of a few.  They are as follows:  Sequester Sequestration, Voter, Gerrymander, Immigration, Education and Taxation. There are so many more but starting with “er” and “ion”, Sequester, the definition being to seize and Congress has seized our tax money so they can give it to the rich is tax cuts.  The outcome is not going to be good and our economy is most likely to fall back into a bad recession.  Unemployment will then rise and it will take longer for us to return to a normal economy.  Then there is another “er”.  The Voter and the voting rights act is the foundation for voting and civil rights in this country.  It is under siege and the US Supreme Court is on the brink of making it unconstitutional. Voting is a Constitutional right and the voting rights act is not as Justice Scalia stated this week a “perpetual racial entitlement”.  Along with this are our congressional districts in this country and our own district.  The NCGA was allowed to Gerrymander these districts to assure Republicans elect candidates in each district thus denying the opposing party an opportunity to elect one of their candidates.  This has resulted in gridlock in Congress and a non responsive Congresswoman Ellmers in our district.  By the way even though Republicans have a majority control in the US House they garnered less than 50% of the votes and the Democrats received 51%, yet they say every day they are speaking for the American people.  Also in Florida and other states voter suppression, voter ID rules and limited voting hours and early voting days resulted in lines that people waited 10 hours to vote.  Then there is the “ion’s”.  Immigration reform is badly needed in this country.  We have 12 million illegal’s living here and some have children.  They need a way to make things right and have a path to citizenship.  These are human beings trying to make a living and our country needs them work and fill the jobs that American people seem to unwilling to perform.  Another “ion”, is taxation.  Our tax system is badly broken and large oil companies who make record profits in the billions are given tax breaks and write offs that result in millions into their offshore bank accounts.  Corporate Jet owners can write off certain deductions.  A trader on Wall Street can collect their income as capital gains and not pay as much tax as their receptionist or secretary.  Now the Republicans in Congress say they want to close loop holes but they only tell you half the story they also want to take that revenue and give it back to the top 1% income earners in this country by lowering their tax rate. A real important “ion”, is education.  Our country was built on Public education and with it folks had a opportunity to learn and work their way some of them from the bottom to the top earners of income in our country and now the Republicans want to bash teachers, take over school property, re-segregate schools, post armed guards at the doors of 1st graders and privatize education.

Help is on the way folks.  Working people and minorities are not going to take this any longer.  They are going to throw the Greedy Republican Obstructionist out of office in 2014.  This will be from the Court House to the US Senate including the clowns in the NC General Assembly.  There is no excuse for the actions of Congress on the Sequester much less the obstruction they have accomplished over the last four years which has hurt our economy resulting in unemployment and people suffering.

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