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Leading with fairness and representing the people or just the 1% which is it Chairman Burgin?

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Paul LongLillington

Paul Long



Paul Long


Leading with fairness and representing the people or just the 1% which is it Chairman Burgin?

It was not right for Chairman Burgin to write a letter on Harnett County letterhead in favor of a Charter School if the rest of the board did not support it.  First it is my understanding that the board at a previous meeting said they did not favor a letter supporting the Charter School proposed by the wealthy past due county taxpayer in the Anderson Creek area of Harnett County.  Many of them said they did not have enough information and wanted time to review and discuss this issue.  The Chairman insisted on the letter that day and said that Mr. Levenison needed it within the next 24 hours. They were in the majority and left the meeting feeling and thinking that there was not going to be a letter. Our Sources speculated that when the DPI Charter Schools division published the applications as they do during the application process that there would in fact be a letter from Harnett County and what do you know right there it was. I want to tell you why this was very, very wrong.  First the way our democracy works and under the constitution things are done by and for the people and the will of the people.  This trumps single elected official’s wishes and endeavors when they input themselves into a situation representing the governing body it is just plain wrong.  Next any county board of commissioners should work for the good of the county and be driven by the will of the people and they should also conduct themselves within the laws and rules of our Great State of North Carolina.  Then there are principles that should apply along with harmony and the perception of working together for the good of the people. This is not Moscow or China and we are not living in a communist nation or county as some must think with a dictator in control.  Divide and conquer is not a way our county should be operated at the level of the commissioners and by sending the letter it leads our board down the road of not only rocky spots potential landslides and destruction.  What the Chairman did was the oldest trick in the political playbook within a government setting and that is to send a letter for or against a subject and word it so the perception would be interpreted in a way favored the position that is being supported.  Committees meet all the time in Raleigh and they are really smart but catch things that are misleading or misrepresented and in this case who knows but he was county on them thinking that it was the full County Board of Commissioners supporting the approval of this school when in fact that is not true.  This is bad for our board and further more the fact that the applicant and President of the Charter School owes Harnett County $211,000 in past due county taxes is even more a reason to reject his application and for our County not support him in having this school.  Maybe if he would pay his taxes the children could have more lap tops, more heating fuel, cleaner floors or some desert at lunch and we might be able to paint a building or two.  Now what does this say about a commissioner or a chairman of the board when they violate all good rules of working together or good thinking and go out on a limb to help a man who does not pay his county taxes and is very wealthy and owns a large amount of property in Harnett County?  Maybe we need to check the county records for the Chairman’s tax records!  Then what does the Chairman have in common with a man that has only lived here for a few years from another state and seems to think he can some day own Harnett County? I want to see Chairman Burgin put this much effort in taking a stand for our children and building enough schools for our children.  It is only right for a child to have enough room to get a good education.  Once again where is the harmony?  Instead of spending time on progressive actions and improving our county our board stays mired in negative actions and spending time trying to reverse them instead of positive action for the people.  In an earlier board meeting I begged the board to move forward with a positive approach and every week it is something new never anything positive and all negative.  We have a bad or rotten apple on the board and it time for the taxpayers to stand up and insist that things are done right and then in the next election take the bad apples out and make apple butter out of them.

The Views, Expressions and opinions found in this Editorial are not based on the views of the Harnett Dispatch. These views are solely the views of the said writer and are based on the freedom of speech.

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