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Tommy Burns II Named New Harnett County Manager

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Tommy Burns II Named New Harnett County Manager

Tommy Burns former town manager of Coats and Lillington has been named Harnett County Manager in Burnstonight’s County Commissioners meeting. His salary was set at $115.000 per year. In appointments the board voted to make Joseph Jeffries and Tony Wilder Deputy County mangers with Jeffries making roughly 98,000 per year.  Harnett County now has 3 people running the county with salaries reaching over the hundreds of thousands.

Wake County has two deputy county managers; there population is around 929,780 according to the US census in July 2011 compared to Harnett County’s 119,256 July 2011 censuses. Wake County’s budget is       $ 938,520,000 compared to Harnett County’s $104,451,914. Many people are wondering with our numbers why the taxpayers are shuffling out additional funds for a position that is not needed.

One Response “Tommy Burns II Named New Harnett County Manager”

  1. Native of Harnett
    March 18, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    Tony Wilder should have been named to this position. No one has worked harder for the good of this county. That said, I have nothing against Mr. Burns and I’m sure he will do a good job.

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