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Our State Senator and House member working hard for you and me

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Daniel Glover

Our State Senator and House member working hard for you and me

Well in the last week State Senator Ron Rabin and Rep. David Lewis have been in Raleigh rubbing elbows with the other great leaders of North Carolina. As stated on social media today they have accomplished a great deal of issues this week. I will have to agree they sure have, they have been diligently working to make sure that their political seats are protected from the voters of their district. They have introduced bills that would disenfranchise voters of North Carolina. They have gone on the attack of College students wanting to vote where they want to and making there parents penalized if they do vote. They are trying to hamper the very core of freedom for the people of North Carolina in order to accomplish their power hold of North Carolina. I find it very interesting that Sen. Rabin would be the co-sponsor of this type of bill since his whole campaign staff was made up of College Students that he and the party were able to recruit. I am sure if it was not for some of those College kids that he is wanting to strip of there civic duty and right he would not be in the office to sponsor this bill.

The crew that is in Raleigh now are on a radical path of destruction for the people here in North Carolina and it will only be a matter of time before we start to feel the sting of there thought and moral compasses, they have spent their entire time in Raleigh this week to make sure that the people’s voices are not heard and that their seats are kept, they have not done one thing to try and figure out what to do here in our County about the high unemployment rate, the need for schools or anything that makes a hell of beings to the people out here in the ditches of North Carolina. Instead of trying to make radical bills up and securing their political future they need to get off of their campaign trails, we just had the election. Photo shoots are over and it’s time to get down to business. We need someone with their on original thought and not just a string along person that will vote for the furthering of the party.

One Response “Our State Senator and House member working hard for you and me”

  1. Katie Kinnard
    April 5, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    Daniel, you mentioned college students that Rabin recruited, I heard he was paying a lot of them.

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