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Large Attendance at Harnett County Democratic Convention

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Large Attendance at Harnett County Democratic Convention



The Harnett County Democratic Party Convention was held on Saturday at the Harnett County Court House. There was a large crowd in attendance to welcome their guess Speakers Dr. Eric Mansfield a former State Senator and former candidate for Lt. Governor of North Carolina. Dr. Mansfield spoke about uniting the party and fighting for the rights of the people of North Carolina. He covered areas of the State legislation where bills have been introduced to attack the people’s right to vote.

Congressman David Price was in attendance and gave an update of the current conditions of the US Congress and the district. North Carolina College Democrats President Louis Duke spoke about the attack that Senator Ron Rabin’s proposed bill will do to the students and their parents here in North Carolina. Mr. Duke said that the young people of North Carolina will not take this bill lying on their backs and will fight for the rights of the hard working people’s parents and students.

Teresa Oudeh was re-elected as the Harnett County Democratic Chairman after a close race with new-comer Robert Gilmore a Lillington attorney. Chairman Oudeh said that it’s now time for the party to work together and stop the ridiculous mess that is coming out of Raleigh and it starts here at the county level.

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