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Bat’s Are Here

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It’s May and the bats are getting ready to have babies here in Raleigh, Cary, North Carolina.. Bat’s will have babies and will use structures that they are in now. We can help with your Raleigh Bat Control issues, do you have bats in the attic in your Raleigh, Cary, Holly Springs home. If so give us a call and we will rid your home of these Raleigh, Holly springs, Cary bat’s that can cause rabies..

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Raleigh Cary Bat Control and Removal


Spring Brings Bats Home

Bats can be found throughout Cary Raleigh and Apex homes, Bats start seeking places to have their young during the months of March and April. Many people will start to experience bats invading their homes and structures. If you are having an issue with bats this is the best time to keep the bats from invading.

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