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The Devastation of Education

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The Devastation of Education


To the Editor:


In only six months the State Legislators have undone the work of our education system that has taken over 30 years to build. It’s a great devastation to our education system and will hurt North Carolina in the long run…

There are Teachers in our State and County that have dedicated their lives to the education of our children and now they are getting the raw end of the deal. With the proposed cuts and laws that are being pushed through Raleigh, teachers are being placed into a class of the unappreciated and respected professionals.

The Politicians need to stand down and allow the teachers to do their job with peace of mind and security of their profession. Teachers are the foundation of our community and the builders of the human mind and culture. They help shape our future generation and leaders that will guide our society into the future.

This leadership in Raleigh has poured salt into the wound and has slapped the very ones that they look to for building an educated society in North Carolina. Politics have no place in the classroom and I feel that many of these elected officials will find this out when it comes to election time. Politicians can’t say they are for education when they are the very ones who are destroying it… They either have to be for it or not “It’s an easy question”

Come election time we must remember these great accomplishments that these legislators have achieved in Raleigh in the last six months…

Daniel Glover

Publically Educated


One Response “The Devastation of Education”

  1. Harnett Native
    August 9, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    The Anderson Creek Club Charter school proposal has made the first cut toward approval. A public school INSIDE a gated community?

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