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Lawsuit Video of Commissioner House made Public

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Lawsuit Video of Commissioner House made Public

The disposition video of Gary House concerning the county lawsuit against Mr.House and Harnett County public utilities has been made public on YouTube by the channel name audio Harnett.

In the two part under oath interview Mr. House is questioned by a lawyer representing the county. The attorney ask Mr. House who he had contacted and Mr. House said that the SBI, Inspector General had all been contacted about the possible corruption going on in the public utilities department.
The attorney makes the statement that after all of these agency have investigated the claims that Mr. House and Randy Rogers made that they found no proof and the claims were of no validity.

Mr. House was asked if Jim Burgin was aware of the concerns that were going on in the public utilities and he answered yes to the question and said that Mr. Burgin attended one of the meeting with the investigators.

This has been an ongoing lawsuit that is still making it way through the court system… To watch the video please click in links below and make sure to turn volume up due to poor sound quality.


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