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Former Employee Randy Rogers Demands Answer From Chairman Jim Burgin

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Former Employee Randy Rogers Demands Answer From Chairman Jim Burgin



In the last week Randy Rogers a former Harnett County employee who is named in the county lawsuit along with Commissioner Gary House has posted information pertaining to the lawsuit and calling out Chairman Jim Burgin the excerpts below are from Randy Roger’s Facebook page.

I apologize for such a long post in advance, but it is critical for the Citizens of Harnett County be made aware that $$$$ HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of your taxpayer dollars are being wasted! Please take the time to read and share.


If anyone is in doubt that $$$$$ Hundreds of Thousands of YOUR dollars are being fraudulent wasted in attempt to silence, intimidate, and retaliate against Commissioner House and myself for revealing corruption and waste in Harnett County, consider the following:


The fraudulent lawsuit against Commissioner House and I is predicated upon the FALSE claim of “stolen public records”. What most citizens/taxpayers do not know is this: When County officials realized that there was evidence to prove what was supposedly “stolen” was a lie, a $300 dollar an hour attorney for the County invented a new definition of the word “stolen”.


The attorney claims that any COPIES of public records that were obtained in violation of a County policy should be considered “stolen”.


Of course, there are two major issues that the County and its attorney are not currently revealing:

1) There was NEVER a County policy relating to Public Records. How can it be violated?

2) Commissioner Burgin had, in his possession, the SAME public records that Commissioner House and I had (Which I obtained legally).


How is it that Commissioner House and I are being sued for having in our possession COPIES of the exact same public records, that Burgin by his own admission, had copies of also?


If the ludicrous definition of “stolen” is applied to Commissioner House and myself, then it has to also be applied to Jim Burgin.




The simple fact that Burgin has not been added to this lawsuit is proof that $$$$$ hundreds of thousands of your dollars are being wasted in attempt to silence, intimidate and retaliate against Commissioner house and I, because the 2 of us stood up to the good-ole-boys that were wasting thousands of your tax dollars.


Commissioner Burgin owes YOU and me an answer to these 2 questions:

1. How can he sit back and allow $$$$ Hundreds of Thousands of your dollars to be fraudulently spent on a lawsuit against Commissioner House and myself, when he had the copies also? Although I, nor Commissioner House, nor Burgin, did anything wrong by having copies of public records. But, the 2 persons willing to stand up and fight for truth are in a lawsuit. The lawsuit is a ploy meant to silence Commissioner House and me from speaking out about fraud and corruption in Harnett County.


2. The second question for Burgin to answer is, what shady deals has he been involved in with County officials that would prevent him from being named in this lawsuit along with House and myself?


Jim Burgin needs to start answering some questions and he should be held accountable for his actions. He can start by providing truthful answers to the above questions and also by revealing any financial interest he, his clients or organizations that he belongs to have in County contracts or projects, especially any projects involving Public Utilities.


If Burgin refuses to answer these questions, then in my opinion he is admitting to his own guilt, not only involving the lawsuit against Commissioner House and me, but also of having inside deals involving taxpayer money.


The above would also explain why Burgin is allowing $$$$ thousands of your dollars to be spent, to try to prevent him from having to testifying under oath.

Jim Burgin


Burgin needs to tell the Taxpayers/Citizens of Harnett County the truth and needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE for his actions, the same as anyone else that is participating in the fraudulent waste of $$$$$ hundreds of thousands of YOUR HARD-EARNED TAXPAYER DOLLARS to cover-up past actions involving Harnett County Government.


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