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Gary House tables last Minute Deal for Developer’s

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Gary House tables last Minute Deal for Developer’s

In the county commission meeting¬†on Monday night¬†Commissioner House tabled a deal that would allow developer’s to get a break on impact fees that covers the recreation parks in the western part of the County. Mr. House decided to table the deal after commissioner Miller questioned Chairman Burgin about the deal and explained that there’s no money to cut this out in the light of not having enough money for schools. According to one source the other commissioners including Mr. House only received the agenda about the deal just hours prior to the meeting. Mr. House requested that the deal be tabled until he had more time to view it.

Many people attending the meeting applauded Mr. House and Miller for looking out for the people of Harnett and not letting a deal that seemed to be a backroom deal go through without knowing all the details.

One Response “Gary House tables last Minute Deal for Developer’s”

  1. Becky Horton
    September 18, 2013 at 11:19 pm

    Thank you for your due diligence, Commissioner’s Miller and House. We need more representation like this in our county. I do have one question, why was this not in your original board packet for your review? Why was it given to you and “some” others just “hours” before the meeting? We expect and “demand” our civil leaders to have full rights and disclosure to make the appropriate decisions for the citizens they represent. How can they when things like this happen? I will be the one who knocks on the door, calls, texts or emails my representative to find out why he/she was not informed and where did the chain break. Just remember all of you, “we” elected you into this position and we can elect you “out”! Do not do self-supporting agendas! Make decisions on what is best for the whole, not a part, that was your oath.

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