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Letter From The Editor: The Harnett Dispatch

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Many people may wonder why would I want to embark on the adventure of bringing news to the residents of Harnett County, the truth is that during my political campaigns a large number of people expressed their anger with the current news outlets here in Harnett County and wished there was another source of news that delivered fair, balanced and unbiased news for people in Harnett County.

Many of you may know me and how I operate and for the people who don’t you will get to know me through the stories I report and the editor’s edition that will run periodically in this paper. I am a type of person that thrives from the adventure of new endeavors and a seeker of the truth. That is the basis of this paper is to keep the general public informed about events in Harnett County both good and bad and to deliver the truth to each reader. I encourage you the reader, over the next few months to fact check the stories that you see posted here to ensure you’re confidence in our fair and truthful reporting style. We here at The Harnett Dispatch have no hidden agendas or people behind the scenes pushing our writer or editors to swing their reports in favor of anyone. It’s simple we will report the facts that we have to the best of our knowledge and will allow for public feedback, through our “speak out section” or by contacting us. This is your newspaper and we will do everything within our power to keep it that way. This is the new paper that speaks for all people of Harnett County and hopefully will be the ever shimmering beacon for the people of Harnett.

Best Wishes:

Daniel Glover


The Harnett Dispatch

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